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Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs and Maintenance Contracts in Macon, GA

Alan Frank Roofing offers thorough roof repairs and cost-effective maintenance contracts to commercial building owners in Macon, surrounding cities, and throughout the southeast for their commercial roofing systems. It’s our goal to detect minor problems early and prevent costly damage in the future.

Whether your roof was installed by Alan Frank Roofing or not, our team will routinely check your system to analyze the health of your roof and make repairs when needed.

Roof Repair Process

The experts at Alan Frank Roofing utilize leading technology and unmatched expertise to inspect your roof and apply lasting repairs. No matter the damage your roof has experienced, we follow a strict process to inspect the problem area, pinpoint the source of the issue, and make repairs to resolve the issue permanently.

Why Repair Your Roof?

As a building owner, you do not have the time or budget to replace your entire roof whenever a problem appears. Through roof repair, Alan Frank Roofing can find and fix current issues, avoiding costly, complex, and time-consuming challenges that would arise later.

Roof repairs can occur for many reasons, but some of the most common problems we encounter include:

  • Standing water – low-slope roofs that do not allow drainage or water runoff will have issues whenever it rains. Pooling or standing water with nowhere to go will deteriorate your roofing material and eventually work into your building if left unaddressed.
  • Ineffective flashing or pitch pans – if your flashing or pitch pans are damaged, poorly installed, or generally low-quality, you will likely experience water damage on your roof.
  • Roof punctures – debris, too much foot traffic, or harsh weather can cause punctures in your roof. An unaddressed hole can lead to costly damage over time.
  • Extreme Weather – from heavy rain, winds, and snow to tornadoes, hurricanes, and hail storms, your roof can suffer weather-related damage that should be repaired sooner than later.
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Roof Maintenance Contracts

Everyone knows an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Save yourself the time and expense of major repairs with our beneficial maintenance plan!

Alan Frank Roofing helps you prolong your roof’s life and your building’s health with a scheduled maintenance contract. Depending on your needs, our professional roofing inspectors will regularly monitor and maintain your commercial roofing system every three to six months. This proactive approach addresses minor maintenance problems to avoid significant damage in the future.

Using the latest industry-leading technology, our team can detect roofing problems early and address minor issues on the spot. Should we detect larger complications, we will provide expert recommendations and repair solutions to restore your roof to normal function.


Our team will visit once every three months to thoroughly examine your roof and correct any issues we encounter.


We will visit your building twice yearly to inspect your system and resolve any detected problems.

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Additional Services

Alan Frank Roofing is fully insured and will provide certification of insurance upon request.